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A US citizen, P Gosselin received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He now lives in Europe and helps his wife, the owner, run a small business that provides services for industry. He has always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and views himself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

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No Tricks Zone: Alarm-Silencing Spring: Data Show March Mean Temperatures Have Not Been Warming Alarmingly As Claimed

By Kirye Today we’ll take a look at March mean temperatures and their trend for some locations for which almost complete data are available from the Japan meteorology Agency. Though March is only a single month, it is important because we often hear how spring is supposedly arriving earlier due to global warming, and as […]

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No Tricks Zone: German Institute Delivers Bad News On CO2, E-Cars: “Electric Vehicles Not A Panacea For Climate Change”

A few days ago here we wrote about how a team of German scientists at the Munich-based ifo Institute released the results of a study that showed that Electric cars end up producing more CO2 than comparable diesel cars. What follows is the press release in English issued by the ifo Institute: ========================================================= ifo: Electric […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Study: The Recent CO2 Increase Has Had An Even Greater Earth-Greening Impact Than Previously Thought

The Earth has been rapidly greening in recent decades, and CO2 fertilization may explain 70% of the trend (Zhu et al., 2016). A new study finds models have significantly underestimated the greening effect of rising CO2. Image Source: Winkler et al., 2019 CO2 is a pollutant? In recent years, carbon dioxide (CO2), an essential ingredient […]

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No Tricks Zone: Arctic Ice Gain Embarrasses Global Warming Scientists. 40-Year Meteorologist: “Don’t Be Surprised Over What Happens Next 10 -15 Years!

Yesterday I wrote here how some scientists misrepresent the observed data concerning Greenland ice melt in order to get the alarming results they want. There we see that Greenland has been melting, but recently much more slowly than what we are often led to believe. Looking at the latest Greenland ice volume data from the Danish […]

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No Tricks Zone: German Analyses: Bevis et al 2019 Misrepresents Greenland Ice Melt Data, Falsely Claims Accelerating Ice Melt

When Greenland ice melt data are correctly presented, Greenland it has in fact decelerated recently, thus contradicting alarmist claims by a new paper’s authors. The “Illi omnia experti“ climate science By Uli Weber (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Already in January 2019 a very peculiar scientific publication on the allegedly increasing glacier melt had been a […]

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No Tricks Zone: New German Study Shocks Electric Cars: “Considerably” Worse For Climate Than Diesel Cars, Up To 25% More CO2!

Germany’s Stuttgarter Zeitung here reports that electric cars are in fact pretty bad for the climate, it turns out. So, once activists are done banning fossil fuel powered vehicles, then electric ones will soon follow. According to a new German study, electric cars have “significantly higher CO2 emissions than diesel cars”, and especially the Tesla […]

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No Tricks Zone: CO2’s Influence Was 0.006 Wm² Per Decade During The Last Deglaciation. And This Melted Ice Sheets How?

According to the calculations of Dr. James Hansen, the radiative influence derived from the increase in CO2 during the last deglaciation was so negligible that it equated to “a third of energy required to power a honey bee in flight” (Ellis and Palmer, 2016). Image Source: Ellis and Palmer, 2016 Between about 22,000 and 17,000 […]

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No Tricks Zone: Scandal: Windpark Company Uses Loudspeaker Of Barking Dogs To Chase Off Nesting Eagles Blocking Project

NDR north German television recently broadcast a report about the protests against a planned windpark near the German village of Kreien, some 200 km east of Hamburg. White tail eagles being chased away from nest by loudspeakers in order to clear the way for permitting 14 wind turbines over 200 meters tall in Northern Germany. […]

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No Tricks Zone: German Power Prices Set To Keep Skyrocketing In 2019 Due To 50 Billion Euros Annually In Grid And Feed-In Levies

According to German online business daily Handelsblatt here, German electricity are set to get significantly more expensive in 2019 due to the power grid becoming 8 percent more expensive to use. This will make already painfully high electricity prices even more excruciating. The Handelsblatt cites calculations by German think tank “Agora Energiewende”, which reports that […]

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No Tricks Zone: Crete Is Home To 1000 Endangered Griffon Vultures. Wind Turbines Are Projected To Kill 84 Of Them Per Year.

A potential wind turbine installation on the island of Crete may be poised to drive an endangered raptor population to extinction. Recent studies have found the favored “renewable” energies – wind and solar – are not effective, even counteractive, when it comes to reducing emissions from fossil fuels. Solar PV installation, for example, results in […]

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No Tricks Zone: 40-Year Meteorologist Says Public “Being Fed Bill Of Goods” By Climate Alarmists On Hurricanes, Tornadoes

At the latest Saturday Summary at Weatherbell Analytics, Joe Bastardi, a well-known 40-year veteran of meteorology, looks at tornadoes and hurricanes. Although many meteorologists and climatologists confirm that there is no data suggesting global warming is causing more frequent and intense tornado and hurricane activity, there is a small but influential alarmist group who claim […]

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No Tricks Zone: Leading German Meteorologist Tells Audience “Dangerous” To Declare Climate Debate Ended…Too Much Uncertainty

High profile German meteorologist Donald Bäcker recently told an audience that there remains great uncertainty as to what is really behind climate change. He told the biggest problem the planet faces is waste, particularly plastic in the oceans. Hat-tip: Donald Bäcker regularly gives his weather forecasts on flagship German public television and spoke in […]

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No Tricks Zone: Skeptic German Geologist Interview Goes Viral: Greta Demos “Emotional, Not Based On Fact”…”Selective Media”

German climate skepticism may have awakened, and ironically it may in large part be an unintended consequence of the “Greta demonstrations”. Germans may be finally getting fed up with the hysteria that has emptied out schools and turned into an ambush on their industrial jobs. German geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning, who together with Prof. Fritz […]

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No Tricks Zone: Falsified Hypotheses Are Rejected In Science. For Consensus Climate Science™, Failed Hypotheses Are Upheld.

In most scientific fields, hypotheses that fail to be verified by real-world observations 85% to 100% of the time are rejected immediately. In Consensus Climate Science™, when 126 of 126, 111 of 114, 42 of 49… modeled projections are wrong, or when the opposite sign of the modeled trend is observed, the climate models are […]

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No Tricks Zone: Staggering Human Success…Fake Disaster Claims Exposed: Grain Production QUADRUPLES While Population Doubles!

Climate disaster? Grain production almost quadrupled worldwide while the population doubled over past 60 years! Michael Krueger (Translated/ edited by P Gosselin) In these times of Fridays for Future led by Greta Thunberg, all experts and self-proclaimed experts are talking about how badly the earth is doing and warning that planet earth is about to […]

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No Tricks Zone: Germans Unable To Pay Power Bills…”Electricity Prices Have More Than Doubled”…”344,000 Households Cut Off”

German political analysis and commentary site Freie Welt here has an article on how millions of Germans are increasingly unable to afford electric power. Germany’s Energiewende ‘ risks shorting out as millions struggle to pay their electricity bills. Image cropped here. While a number of commodities such as electronics, electrical goods and computing power across […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper: Risk Of Poverty, Lower Incomes, Increased Energy Costs ‘Directly Linked With Renewable Energies’

An empirical analysis using 2005-2015 data from 15 EU countries indicates that as more renewable energies (i.e., solar PV) are deployed, energy costs increase, household poverty risks rise, and incomes decline. Image Source: Pereira et al., 2019 In contrast to the negative consequences of switching from fossil fuels to renewables, Dr. Tadesse Weldu Teklu affirms […]

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No Tricks Zone: Analysis Of 7 California Stations Shows No Precipitation Trend Change

By Kirye and P. Gosselin We often hear how the climate is changing everywhere, like in California. Listening to the media we get the impression that the Golden State is drying out and risks burning up, before heavy rains hit. Others claim the state is facing “weather whiplash” because climate change will make the weather […]

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No Tricks Zone: Newest Climate Model Still Useless, German Scientist Says. And: Green Energy Turning Into An Ecological Disaster

One of the fathers of the German environmental movement, Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, comments on models, Friday school strikes and the environmental destruction by green energies. =============================== Ladies and Gentlemen, New climate model is useless Over 80(!) authors, led by Jean Christophe Golaz of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, have recently developed a new climate model…

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper Finds Oceans Are Source Of “Natural Variability”, Drive “Temperature Extreme Indices”

A new paper published in the Journal of Weather and Climate Extremes by Dittus et al confirms what many skeptics has strongly suspected all along: There’s no trend in precipitation extremes and there isn’t much predictability either. Hat-tip: Reader Mary Brown. What follows is the paper’s abstract: The oceans are a well-known source of […]

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No Tricks Zone: Scientists Find No Causal Link Between CO2 And NH Warming During Last Deglaciation

A new paper indicates the rise in CO2 concentration occurred well after the Northern Hemisphere’s ocean circulation changes drove the abrupt warming (~11,700 years ago) that ended the last ice age – a lag that effectively leaves no causal role for CO2 during deglaciation. Image Source: Muschitiello et al., 2019 Ice core evidence from Antarctica […]

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No Tricks Zone: CBC Claims Canada Warming Twice As Fast As Globe, Yet Data Tell A Different Story: No Warming In 25 Years!

By Kirye (Tokyo) Canada’s CBC here recently cited “a leaked report” which claimed Canada is “warming at twice the global rate.” According to the “leaked report”, Canada’s annual average temperature over land has warmed 1.7 C when looking at the data since 1948. But that claim is misleading when recent data is considered. Over the […]

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No Tricks Zone: Another New Study Supports Early 21st Century Warming Hiatus Was Real

A new study by Williams et al appearing in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics shows that the global warming hiatus of the early 20th century was in fact real. Image cropped here. Hat-tip Mary Brown A number of scientists from the alarmist camp like to insist that there had never been such […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper: Sweden Glaciers GAINED Mass From 1970-2001 After Rapid 1920s-’60s Retreat

Glaciers in Sweden melted ~7 times faster during the 1920s to 1960s than from 1970 to 2015. Image Source: Holmlund and Holmlund, 2019 Image Source: Holmlund and Holmlund, 2019 “The strongest melt in the mass change curve […] occurs between the 1930s and 1960s, with the beginning of this negative trend occurring in the early […]

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No Tricks Zone: Fabricating A Warming: NASA Now Altering ‘Unadjusted” Data To Create New, Warmer ‘Unadjusted’ Data

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin One fellow climate blogger recently wrote on how he’s been been looking at GHCN ‘unadjusted’ data and noticed that scientists at NASA appear to have been altering them: “This is a fairly disturbing development,” he wrote. Heating up Reykjavik and Nuuk Cited as an example is Reykyavik, Iceland. According to Tony […]

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No Tricks Zone: California Climate Has Always Been Wild And Unstable – Even With Low Atmospheric CO2 – New Study Shows!

A new study has just come out in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters: Biomarkers reveal abrupt switches in hydroclimate during the last glacial in southern California. Hat-tip: reader Mary Brown It contradicts claims often made by global warming alarmists that the perceived California climate change is unusual, and that it is mostly due […]

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No Tricks Zone: Indications Point To Upcoming Solar Cycle 25 Being Among The Weakest In 200 Years

The Sun In February 2019. By Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin)The sun was also very sub-normally active in February. Although we are in the middle of the minimum, the sunspot number of 0.8 for the 123rd month into the cycle is very low. On 26 days of the month no spots […]

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No Tricks Zone: Scientists: The CO2 Greenhouse Effect Was Cancelled Out By Clouds During 1992-2014

The Greenhouse Effect On Hiatus An unheralded but significant 2016 scientific paper – “A Hiatus of the Greenhouse Effect” – is now publicly available. Scientists have found the greenhouse effect’s (GHE) influence on planetary temperatures went on “hiatus” during 1992-2014. The estimated GHE radiative influence for these 22 years was a slightly negative -0.04 Wm-2 […]

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No Tricks Zone: Again Reality Goes In Opposite Direction Of Climate Models…”Confidence In Models Correspondingly Low”

Yesterday we posted on how rainfall across southern Europe has risen over the past couple of decades, thus going in the opposite direction of what was projected by climate models. And once again the models are shown to be woefully faulty and an unreliable tool for policymaking, as the following example shows. ==================================================== Southern Africa […]

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No Tricks Zone: Year 2000 Predictions By ‘The Guardian’ Turn Out To Be Complete Failures…Southern Europe Has Become Wetter!

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin In December 2000, environment correspondent Paul Brown wrote here at The Guardian that global warming threatened “to create a dust belt around the globe” and that the Sahara had “crossed the Mediterranean” and forced “thousands to migrate as a lethal combination of soil degradation and climate change” turned “parts of […]

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