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American Elephants: What Is The Matter With These People?

Observing the political scene, one wonders, what the heck is the matter with these people? It seems that large numbers of people are asking the same question. From American Greatness “NYT Ponders: Could the Steele Dossier be Russian Disinformation?” A slightly belated question, or the beginnings of a CYA operation? Victor Davis Hanson said: “for […]

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American Elephants: Well, The Title’s Certainly True

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American Elephants: He is Risen! Happy Easter!

Matthew 28:1-10 After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. His […]

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American Elephants: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

On the actual 18th of April, the country was consumed with all things Mueller report, and I forgot to post this. Good for kids, who like the galloping rhythm of the poem, a lesson in history, and encourge them to memorize part or all of it. Memorizing is a skill that would serve them well […]

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American Elephants: An Odd Exploration of American History and Folkways

I woke up this morning with a nonsense song my father used to sing to me when I was very little, in my head, and tried to write it down. Then I decided to try to search to see if it was a popular song of his day, or a children’s song from his childhood., […]

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American Elephants: Victor Davis Hanson and the Search for Meaning

This one is long, 49 minutes, but I cannot imagine, at the moment, any way it could be better spent. It is brilliant. Please do not miss this. This has been a national nightmare, with everyone going a bit off the rails, and a lot of catastrophic crashes, and we’re a long way from recovery. […]

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American Elephants: Bill Whittle On the Notre Dame Fire: Straight Talk

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American Elephants: Words of Wisdom for Today:

Andy McCarthy has been invaluable as a source for this whole special prosecutor episode, as he has served as a federal prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, and can explain what’s happening. Kevin Williamson also has a sharp eye and mind for searching out the reality of a situation: My own belief is […]

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American Elephants: Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!

No, not President Trump. For two years he has been trying to do the best that he can for the country with remarkable success – a booming economy, a nation leading the world in oil and gas production, full employment, clean energy – while daily assaulted with bogus claims and sleazy slurs, suggestions that his […]

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American Elephants: We’re Living In a Golden Age Of Clean Energy

The Green New Deal is not only a silly unserious proposal that has nothing to do with the environment but that to which they supposedly aspire, has already been accomplished by free market capitalism. Not in the wind farms where turbines may or may not be turning, but this is Seattle – and the solar […]

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American Elephants: Ocasio-Cortez Has Made a Delusional Little “Green New Deal” Film

Oh my word. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made a little movie. It’s seven minutes long, and animated with quick watercolor sketches. The Federalist has posted it and I’ll introduce it with David Marcus’ comment: In a new, seven minute animated video from The Intercept, narrated by and starring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) we are transported, via […]

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American Elephants: My Picks for Must-Read Articles

•Behind The Obama Administration’s Spying by Andy McCarthy •The Progressive Revolution by Victor Davis Hanson •The U.S. Economy Just Keeps Sprinting Ahead by Andy Puzder •Ilhan Omar: A Hostage Situation by Kevin Williamson

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American Elephants: Patrick Moore, the Sensible Environmentalist

Patrick Moore was one of the founders of Greenpeace, and deeply interested in saving the world’s whales when Japan was increasing their interest in whaling. Japanese whalers have for many years exploited a loophole in the founding treaty of the International Whaling Commission which allows whaling for ‘scientific research’. Whaling was a major industry, peaking […]

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American Elephants: MIT Atmospheric Physicist Richard Lindzen Offers A Few Words

Climate change is an urgent topic of discussion among politicians, journalists and celebrities, but actual climate scientists are not so much click-bait as real celebrities, and journalists seem more interested in click-bait than deeply informed commentary. We seem to be transforming into a society that values popularity more than accuracy, or perhaps we always were, […]

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American Elephants: Four Climate Scientists Take On Climate Alarmism

Seems like all the Democrat candidates so far, and there are a raft of them, are signing on to Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal”, a preposterous proposal that demonstrates nothing so much as evidence of never studying a subject at all before shooting off your mouth about something you know nothing about. Climate alarmism demonstrates the […]

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American Elephants: I Took A Couple Days Off! Here’s Why.

Sorry about the light blogging. Taxes due, and on general principal, I always wait to the last minute to sign and write the check. I’m quite willing to pay what is required, after going through the “required” bit to whittle it down as much as is currently possible. Because I work hard at the whittle […]

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American Elephants: Tucker Carlson’s Outstanding Takedown of Democrat Hypocrisy

The best of Tucker Carlson is this epic takedown of Democrat hypocrisy, not to be missed. This is getting right to the basic elements of the ongoing crisis at our Southern border. Donald Trump has proposed to send to sanctuary cities the asylum-seekers who under current law must be admitted to the United States while […]

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American Elephants: Strange Times and Getting Stranger and Stranger

It is getting remarkably weird out there. Have you noticed? College students are deciding what speakers will be allowed on campus, what professors are allowed to say in the classroom. When I was in college, students were often sent on home to get their heads around the fact that they were there to study and […]

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American Elephants: Listen Carefully to What These People are Saying!

Interesting to watch and listen to the vast bunch of Democrat candidates for the presidency out trying to raise money and interest roughly a year ahead of the first official notice of their existence. What becomes apparent is that they associate only with other Democrats, otherwise they wouldn’t be so oblivious to the real interests […]

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American Elephants: One More For the Long, Long List of Lefty Candidates

Few things testify so strongly to the quality of the ever-growing numbers of declared candidates for the presidency as the numbers of Democrats who look at the field, think that they’re better than that bunch, and decide to run. So we have Eric Swalwell (D-CA) announcing his decision to run today. He is a 4th […]

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American Elephants: Words of Wisdom for Monday II

“Countries that pursue economic freedom get prosperity as a bonus.” Barry Asmus Senior Economist NCPA Fredrich Hayek, the Austrian-American economist and Nobel Laureate, devoted much of his brilliant career to describe how rationalism could never work. How can anything good happen, Hayek asked, if individuals cannot think and act for themselves? Rules preclude initiative. Regimentation […]

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American Elephants: So Democrats Are Now the Socialist Party?

Bill Maher is sometimes a gift to the national conversation: The right, he said, has a hard time understanding the concept that we don’t want “long lines for bread” socialism. We want “you don’t have to win the Lotto to afford brain surgery” socialism. Happiness isn’t only about what you have, it’s also what you […]

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American Elephants: We Had a Brief Cloudburst, and the Sun is Peeking Through Clouds

We had a brief cloudburst a little while ago, and now the sun is back out. I started wondering about the word “cloudburst,” wondering if it was an ordinary term or a localism. It is indeed an ordinary term, and I found this brief time-lapse video of a cloudburst over a lake in Austria, […]

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American Elephants: The Reality of China Today

Here’s a not-to-be-missed article by Gordon G. Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, from Friday’s edition of American Greatness. He explains something about the reality of China today. It is an important issue, and we need to understand what they are about, and what they are up to. They are becoming a vast […]

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American Elephants: News Flash ! It’s All Trump’s Fault!

Politico Magazine had an “interesting article” today, under the heading Law and Order: “Yes There’s a Crisis on the Border. And It’s Trump’s Fault.” I don’t usually read Politico, but I was interested because I thought the president was doing a pretty good job against long odds. The authors had held office in border and […]

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American Elephants: But Everybody Knows That Trump is ..

Democrats have been quite certain that their stand on illegal immigration will be popular among Hispanics. Certainly the racism implicit in Trump’s border wall will be meaningful to the people who have come to America from Mexico and Central America. Everybody knows Trump is a racist. A new poll by McLaughlin & Associates finds that […]

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American Elephants: The Democrat Campaign Heats Up. Bad Ideas Proliferate.

Democratic Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris (D-CA) has introduced a bill, along with 20 other Democratic senators, to hire DACA illegal immigrants to help prepare laws for 330 million Americans. The giant sign outside my office says ‘DREAMers Welcome Here’ because we know and value the contributions that these young people have […]

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American Elephants: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Wednesday was Equal Pay Day. Somehow I missed that. It has been the law since 1963 that men and women must be paid the same for doing the same job. Yet the whining goes on about the “pay gap.” Mother Jones claimed the pay gap costs women $840 billion yer. CNBC reported it represents $1 […]

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American Elephants: The Border Crisis is Congress’s Fault!

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sent a letter to Congress on March 28, with an “urgent request” for assistance in dealing with what she described as a tide of migrants that were overwhelming the border facilities, and the department was facing a”system-wide meltdown.” She said in the letter that there were 1,200 unaccompanied children in […]

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American Elephants: This is Just the Beginning!

Another gem from the Free Beacon! Democrats unintentional humor.

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