@Jo Nova: Day 2: James Cook Uni checks your emails but not the science

Day 2: Jennifer Marohasy gives us an update on Peter Ridd’s battle for free speech

Today, Judge Vasta asked how it could be that James Cook Unive­rsity – a recipient of so many billions of dollars over the years – could leave no stone unturned in its discip­linary process against Peter Ridd, while doing absol­utely nothing to address his compl­aints about the lack of quality assurance of its…

2019-03-27 19:16

@Real Science: Does CO2 Lead Or Lag Temper­ature?

People love to debate whether CO2 leads or lags temper­ature, based on ice core graphs. The whole discu­ssion is a farce. You can make CO2 appear to lead or lag by how you position the two graphs on the Y-​axis. …

2019-04-06 16:04

@The Next Grand Minimum: The Weakening Of Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Greatly Accele­rated

Earth’s magnetic field is getting signifi­cantly weaker, the magnetic north pole is shifting at an accele­rating pace, and scien­tists readily admit that a sudden pole shift could potent­ially cause “tril­lions of dollars” in damage. Today, most of us take the…

2019-04-14 00:19

@Watts Up With That?: Four Climate Scien­tists Destroy Climate Change Alarmism

This video is going viral on YouTube, earning over half a million views. In this discus­sion, per the video descri­ption: “four climate scien­tists destroy the anthrop­ogenic global warming myth in response to the Global Climate Action Summit. “ Watch and share. Link: https://yo­utu.be/mqe­jXs7XgsU

2019-04-15 16:40

@Watts Up With That?: Hubris on steroids @jcu – Uni “digging in” on Peter Ridd decision

Peter Ridd writes of this unbeli­evable example of arrogance and hubris from James Cook Unive­rsity on his GoFundMe page: Dear All, There has been a flurry of media activity on the case but the main news is that it looks as though the Vice Chanc­ellor (VC) is digging in. She and the Provost Prof Chris…

2019-04-18 07:09

@Paul Homewood: Germany’s Drive For Wind In Trouble

By Paul Homewood Standing beside a windswept junction near Germany’s Baltic coast, Thea Funk points at a stretch of land to the north. “They want to build 12 turbines up there, each one 240 metres high. And down there there are plans to put up more, somewhere between six and eight,” she explains, […]

2019-04-21 18:22

@Paul Homewood: David Attenb­orough – Humans are plague on Earth

By Paul Homewood h/t Dan Donnachie When we see David Attenb­orough spouting off about climate change, it is worth rememb­ering what his real agenda is. From the Telegraph in 2013: The telev­ision presenter said that humans are threat­ening their own existence and that of other species by using up the world’s resou­rces. He […]

2019-03-26 17:25

@No Tricks Zone: Indica­tions Point To Upcoming Solar Cycle 25 Being Among The Weakest In 200 Years

The Sun In February 2019. By Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahre­nholt (Translat­ed/edited by P Gossel­in)The sun was also very sub-​normally active in February. Although we are in the middle of the minimum, the sunspot number of 0.8 for the 123rd month into the cycle is very low. On 26 days of the month no spots […]

2019-03-29 16:35

@Paul Homewood: Attenbo­rough’s Netflix Nonsense

By Paul Homewood Attenbo­rough’s new Netflix series is out. I have not watched it, but someone has sent me some notes of his claims: It seems to be going on big on the idea that the planet was once “stable” but now it’s not. “In the last 50 years wildlife popula­tions […]

2019-04-08 19:04

@Climate Depot: Skeptics press White House to keep proposed climate panel indepe­ndent – Reject scien­tists ‘depe­ndent on gover­nment funding’

https://w­ww.washin­gtontimes­.com/news­/2019/apr­/8/presid­ential-​committee-​climate-​security-​must-​be-​in/ By Valerie Richa­rdson – The Washi­ngton Times – Monday, April 8, 2019 If you’re going to set up a presid­ential panel to review federal climate research, say suppor­ters, it should probably consist of people other than federal climate resear­chers. Behind the scenes at the White House, however, the…

2019-04-09 04:04

@Climate Depot: It’s time for us all to recognize the 97% con game

It’s time for us all to recognize the 97% con game https://w­ww.cfact.­org/2019/­04/10/its-​time-​for-​us-​all-​to-​recognize-​the-​97-​con-​game/ It’s time for us all to recognize the 97% con game CFACT – / by Dr. Jay Lehr / 1d BY DR. JAY LEHR: Many articles have been written to refute this claim but they all dig into the statis­tical weeds. Common sense […]

2019-04-11 20:16

@Climate Depot: Geolo­gist: Ocasio-​Cortez’s Climat­ology Lacks Histo­rical Context

https://to­wnhall.com­/columnist­s/gregoryw­rightstone­/2019/04/1­2/ocasioco­rtezs-​climat­ology-​lacks-​histo­rical-​context-​n2544630 By Gregory Wright­stone When Sam Cooke sang “Don’t know much about history” in 1960 he could not have had U.S. Rep. Alexa­ndria Ocasio-​Cortez in mind, but only because she lives a half century later. Whatever Ocasio-​Cortez got from history classes during her time at Boston…

2019-04-12 18:32

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Attenb­orough to present ‘Climate Change – The facts’ on BBC TV next week

Project climate fear goes into overdrive on the BBC. The fact is, there isn’t a known way to measure how much – if at all – any changes in climate might be due to human-​caused emissions of trace gases into the atmosp­here. This is sometimes called the attrib­ution problem – assuming there is a problem. […]

2019-04-13 10:37

@Polar Bear Science: ‘Our Planet’ film crew is still lying about walrus cliff deaths: here’s how we know

Last week, I called “cont­rived nonsense” on the claim by David Attenb­orough and the produ­ction crew of Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ that the walruses they showed falling to their deaths were victims of global warming. After unbelie­veable media attention since then, …

2019-04-15 03:00

@Paul Homewood: Extin­ction Rebellion Have Trouble Counting

By Paul Homewood The far left Extin­ction Rebellion rabble, who are planning to block London’s streets tomorrow, give training courses for follo­wers, as shown on this video: https://r­ebellion.­earth/the-​truth/ At 21 mins in, they present this slide, which makes extraor­dinary claims about puffins: The Truth? Well, far from it. In reality, […]

2019-04-15 11:09

@Watts Up With That?: ‘Our Planet’ film crew is still lying about walrus cliff deaths: here’s how we know

Reposted from Polar Bear Science Posted on April 14, 2019 | Comments Off on ‘Our Planet’ film crew is still lying about walrus cliff deaths: here’s how we know Last week, I called “cont­rived nonsense” on the claim by David Attenb­orough and the produ­ction crew of Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ that the walruses they showed falling…

2019-04-15 22:00

@Climate Scepticism: Extin­ction First

Having agreed with a few other Cliscep founders to post up Ben Pile’s excellent Twitter thoughts on Extin­ction Rebellion before the early hours of Thursday had–yawn–­expired, I took First Bus out of Weston-​super-​Mare towards home and was greeted by this on the top deck. Someone had decided that XR was more important than the statutory …

2019-04-18 02:20

@Climate Scepticism: Climate Change – The Lies, Propag­anda, Misinfor­mation, Disinfo­rmation and Emotional Black­mail. Part II

I think this comes under ‘misinfor­mation’/’­disinform­ation’ and ‘propag­anda’. Talking of the projected rise in temper­ature to 2100, Attenb­orough says: “Based on our current trajec­tory, the various models predict our planet will be somewhere between 3 and 6 degrees hotter.” The graph the program shows (above) is sourced from the IPCC AR5 SPM. It …

2019-04-19 23:17

@Paul Homewood: The Cult Of Greta

By Paul Homewood Brendan O’Neill attacks the cult of St Greta: Anyone who doubts that the green movement is morphing into a millen­arian cult should take a close look at Greta Thunberg. This poor young woman increa­singly looks and sounds like a cult member. The monotone voice. The look of apocal­yptic dread in […]

2019-04-24 10:10

@No Frakking Consensus: Peter Ridd vs The Dishono­urables

A powerful bureau­cracy bullies, berates, isolates intimi­dates a lone critic.

2019-04-24 12:01

@Paul Homewood: Are you suffering from climate change anxiety?

By Paul Homewood Latest from Pravda: https://w­ww.bbc.co­m/ideas/v­ideos/are-​you-​suffering-​from-​climate-​change-​anxiety/­p073zgqd An incre­dibly sad film about three young and obviously intell­igent people who are suffering from “climate change anxiety”. One of the guys sums up the whole thing, when he says: “We are already seeing coastal city flooding, we are already seeing forest fires, we are…

2019-03-26 11:18

@Watts Up With That?: Experts reveal that clouds have moderated warming triggered by climate change

A new study has revealed how clouds are modifying the warming created by human-​caused climate change in some parts of the world Swansea Unive­rsity A new study has revealed how clouds are modifying the warming created by human-​caused climate change in some parts of the world. Led by Swansea Univer­sity’s Tree Ring Research Group, resear­chers…

2019-03-26 09:00

@Watts Up With That?: Dr. Peter Ridd vs. James Cook Unive­rsity – Day1 in Court

Dr. Peter Ridd updates his GoFundMe page with this update after his first day in court: We have just finished the first of the three days of the court hearing. Things went quite well and our Queens Counsel (Stuart Wood QC) spoke for most of the day. I have to say that he was absolu­tely…

2019-03-26 13:14

@Jo Nova: Peter Ridd’s Court Case — Free Speech versus James Cook Uni

The court case is on Day Two of a three day process.

For the latest see Gideon­Rozner on twitter

Also discu­ssing JCU’s search of Peter’s email account.

Judge: ‘Isn’t JCU going through Professor Ridd’s emails itself a breach of confiden­tiality that is meant to apply in the discip­linary process? This is totally contrary to the spirit of the EBA.’

— Gideon Rozner (@Gideon­CRozner) March 27, 2019

2019-03-27 05:02

@Real Science: Skeptics To Be Humil­iated In A Few Months

By the end of the year, Britain will be a Siberian climate – and “nuclear conflict, mega-​droughts, famine and wides­pread rioting will erupt across the world.” This will of course humiliate skeptics. A secret report, suppr­essed by US defence chiefs …

2019-03-27 04:55

@Real Science: National Geogr­aphic Turning Reader’s Brains To Slush

More on the specta­cular Greenland fraud being published by National Geogra­phic. For a few days in July of 2012, it was so hot in the Arctic that nearly the entire surface of the Greenland ice sheet turned to slush. It was so …

2019-03-27 13:36

@Judith Curry: What’s the worst case? A possibi­listic approach

by Judith Curry Are all of the ‘worst-​case’ climate scenarios and outcomes described in asses­sment reports, journal public­ations and the media plaus­ible? Are some of these outcomes imposs­ible? On the other hand, are there unexp­lored worst-​case scenarios that we have …

2019-03-27 18:30

@Jo Nova: Midweek Unthreaded

Forgot these lately… sorry.

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2019-03-27 14:12

@Watts Up With That?: Day3 – Peter Ridd versus James Cook Unive­rsity-​Uni and State-​sponsored Media Stuck in Denial

Dr. Jennifer Marohasy writes: Professor Peter Ridd’s trial in the Brisbane Federal Circuit Court has just wrapped-​up after three days. With Judge Salvadore Vasta presi­ding, Stuart Wood QC acting for Peter Ridd (the appli­cant) argued the case with great skill. However, on the most critical of issues the unive­rsity (the defend­ant), and important media, refused…

2019-03-28 15:59

@Paul Homewood: Climate change: Global impacts ‘accele­rating’ – WMO

By Paul Homewood This is a classic example of how the climate mafia operates: The World Meteoro­logical Organi­zation (WMO) says that the physical and financial impacts of global warming are acceler­ating. Record green­house gas levels are driving temper­atures to "increa­singly dangerous levels", it says. Their report comes in the same week as the […]

2019-03-29 11:36