@Paul Homewood: The Cult Of Greta

By Paul Homewood Brendan O’Neill attacks the cult of St Greta: Anyone who doubts that the green movement is morphing into a millen­arian cult should take a close look at Greta Thunberg. This poor young woman increa­singly looks and sounds like a cult member. The monotone voice. The look of apocal­yptic dread in […]

2019-04-24 10:10

@No Frakking Consensus: Peter Ridd vs The Dishono­urables

A powerful bureau­cracy bullies, berates, isolates intimi­dates a lone critic.

2019-04-24 12:01

@Paul Homewood: Extin­ction Rebel­lion: How might ministers win over the protest­ers?–Ha­rrabin

By Paul Homewood Harrabin is off in the clouds again! Protests by Extin­ction Rebell­ion’s seemingly inexhau­stible army of activists made plenty of headlines last week. They say politi­cians are out of touch with climate reality. But what do they want, and can ministers realist­ically make it happen? Let’s consider XR’s three core […]

2019-04-23 18:46

@Paul Homewood: “Pictures Of Starving Polar Bears Convinced Me”

By Paul Homewood h/t stewgreen https://t­witter.co­m/tan123/­status/11­206693252­60668928 And where did she get this strange idea from? As she relates, her teachers at school told her, when she was about eight.

2019-04-24 09:56

@Paul Homewood: Greenland Temper­ature Data For 2018

By Paul Homewood The DMI has just published its Greenland Climate Data Colle­ction for last year, and it is worth looking at the temper­ature data: There are six stations with long records, Upern­avik, Nuuk, Iluli­ssat, Qaqortoq, Narsa­rsuaq and Tasilaq. Throu­ghout Greenland we find that temper­atures in the last two decades […]

2019-04-24 19:21

@Climate Depot: UAH, RSS, NOAA, UW: Which Satellite Dataset Should We Believe?

UAH, RSS, NOAA, UW: Which Satellite Dataset Should We Believe? http://www­.drroyspen­cer.com/20­19/04/uah-​rss-​noaa-​uw-​which-​satellite-​dataset-​should-​we-​believe/ UAH, RSS, NOAA, UW: Which Satellite Dataset Should We Believe? by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Roy Spencer, Ph. D. This post has two related parts. The first has to do with the recently published study of AIRS satellite-​based surface skin…

2019-04-24 20:09

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Dominic Lawson: Is Extin­ction Rebellion a Big Oil conspi­racy? 

H/T The GWPF The actors in the eco-​farce playing out on our streets beggar belief, writes Dominic Lawson in The Sunday Times. – – – Revealed: the contents of a WhatsApp exchange over the past few days between Brett, the Texas-​based head of Huge Oil Inc, and his Mr Fixit in London, Sebas­tian. “Howdy, Seb. […]

2019-04-23 10:36

@Polar Bear Science: Even with Inuit lives at stake, polar bear specia­lists make unsupp­orted claims

The standoff between Inuit and polar bear specia­lists regarding the status of polar bears in Canada is not going to end until someone in authority demands to see the data scien­tists insist contr­adict Inuit knowl­edge. An article in Maclean’s Magazine …

2019-04-23 09:58

@Watts Up With That?: The big Arctic Sea-​Ice shift of 2007: Ice refuses to melt

by Javier I have maint­ained since 2015 that in the 2006-​2007 season the Arctic underwent a cyclical phase shift, and the rapid sea-​ice melting observed over the previous decades ended. A few scien­tists predicted or explained this shift based on their study of multi-​decadal oscill­ations (see bibliog­raphy). They were ignored by mains­tream climat­ology and the…

2019-04-23 14:16

@Climate Scepticism: The worst lie in Climate Change – The Facts?

Which was the worst lie in the BBC’s climate propa­ganda progr­amme? There is a lot of compet­ition, but my vote goes to Michael Mann’s claim, just a minute in, that “All of this is happening far faster than any of us thought possi­ble.” There is so much wrong with this statement and the way the …

2019-04-23 13:57

@Climate Depot: Financial Times: Creating Commuter Misery Will Build Support for Climate Action

Financial Times: Creating Commuter Misery Will Build Support for Climate Action https://wa­ttsupwitht­hat.com/20­19/04/20/f­inancial-​times-​creating-​commuter-​misery-​will-​build-​support-​for-​climate-​action/ Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to the Financial Times, you build people’s support for your cause by adding to the misery of their work commute. Climate change prote­sters are telling us the…

2019-04-23 17:49

@Watts Up With That?: SURPRISE: Missing Climate Litig­ation Industry Slides Turn Up at UCLA

By Chris Horner, Climate Litig­ation Watch CLW readers recall Oregon State Univer­sity’s (and State Climato­logist) Phil Mote writing not once but twice about a “secret meeting at Harvard” at which he prese­nted, along with other acade­mics, activists and plain­tiffs lawyers advancing their case for “pote­ntial state causes of action against major carbon produc­ers.” Earlier open…

2019-04-23 13:00

@NOAA: The Pacific-​North American Pattern: the stomach sleeper of the atmosphere

Stand aside polar vortex! The PNA may be the most important atmosp­heric circul­ation pattern you've never heard of.

2019-04-23 09:31

@No Tricks Zone: German Institute Delivers Bad News On CO2, E-​Cars: “Electric Vehicles Not A Panacea For Climate Change”

A few days ago here we wrote about how a team of German scien­tists at the Munich-​based ifo Institute released the results of a study that showed that Electric cars end up producing more CO2 than compa­rable diesel cars. What follows is the press release in English issued by the ifo Insti­tute: ==========­==========­==========­==========­==========­======= ifo: Electric […]

2019-04-23 18:18

@Real Science: Dilbert Vs. Scott Adams

Steve Goddard on Twitter: “Dilbert disagrees with you, and I normally side with Dilbert.… I don’t always dress up for Hallo­ween, but when I do I go as Dilbert.

2019-04-24 06:29

@Manchester Climate Monthly: Upcoming Event: “What next for #climate action in #Manche­ster?” Thurs 23rd May, 7.30pm

In a month’s time, the evening before the next Youth Strike for Climate, there will be a public meeting at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St, on the question “what next for climate action in Manche­ster?” More details are …

2019-04-24 08:04

@Watts Up With That?: Wind/­solar mandates are a costly fail, reports Unive­rsity of Chicago study

Via Junkscie­nce.com h/t to CTM Even minimal increases (1-​4%) in wind/­solar raise electr­icity prices 11-​17%. Reducing CO2 emissions costs $130 to $460 per ton. Disaster. Don’t believe us. Believe the Unive­rsity of Chicago. Abstract : Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) are the largest and perhaps most popular climate policy in the US, having been enacted by…

2019-04-24 14:00

@Real Science: Geology Is Now Consp­iracy Theory

The party of science now believes the Carboni­ferous Period is oil company propag­anda.

2019-04-24 06:39

@Climate Depot: Physi­cist: ‘Stop the Nonsense’ – Sign petition – ‘There is an epidemic of cities in N. America declaring their city is in a ‘climate emergency’

https://­www.chan­ge.org/p­/ottawa-​city-​council-​there-​is-​no-​evidence-​for-​a-​climate-​emergency-​stop-​the-​nonsense?­recruiter­=3468306&utm_sourc­e=share_p­etition&utm_medium­=copylink&utm_campa­ign=share­_petition There is no evidence for a “climate emerge­ncy”. Stop the nonsense. Denis Rancourt started this petition to Ottawa City Council Sign this petition if you oppose your city’s declar­ation that it is…

2019-04-24 04:23

@Roy Spencer: UAH, RSS, NOAA, UW: Which Satellite Dataset Should We Believe?

This post has two related parts. The first has to do with the recently published study of AIRS satellite-​based surface skin temper­ature trends. The second is our response to a rather nasty Twitter comment maligning our UAH global temper­ature dataset that was a response to that study. The AIRS Study NASA’s Atmosp­heric InfraRed Sounder (AIRS) […]

2019-04-23 19:06

@Paul Homewood: Global Warming, Steve Backs­hall? No, Weather!

By Paul Homewood The BBC has just launched its Undisc­overed Worlds series, with the intrepid Steve Backshall kayaking up the Scoresby Sund , the world’s largest fjord in Green­land. The BBC’s puff says: Adven­turer and natur­alist Steve Backshall is on a mission to visit parts of the world yet to be […]

2019-04-24 11:54

@Real Science: Climate Change In 1909

Democrats tell us that terrorism is driven by climate change. This month in 1909, thirty-​thousand Chris­tians were killed in Turkey. Some people did somet­hing. 16 Apr 1909, 1 – The Boston Globe at Newspap­ers.com

2019-04-24 17:35

@Climate Depot: AFL-​CIO union chief says no to Green New Deal – ‘The worker’s interest really wasn’t compl­etely figured into it’

Another major Democrat Party-​leaning labor union has turned against the Green New Deal. The first union to turn earlier this year was the Laborers’ Interna­tional Union of North America. See: Major labor union (which endorsed Hillary Obama twice for Prez) unloads on ‘Green New Deal’ as ‘unrea­listic manif­esto’ that will ‘destroy workers’ liveli­hoods’ – […]

2019-04-24 18:36

@Watts Up With That?: Greta Thunberg: Britain has a “Mind-​Blowing Histo­rical Carbon Debt”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Speaking in London, climate action crusader Greta Thunberg explained that Britain is espec­ially guilty for wrecking the world, because Britain was the birth­place of the Indus­trial Revolu­tion. British MP Michael Gove praised Thunb­erg’s trashing of Britain’s histo­rical contri­bution to global prospe­rity. The Greta Thunberg effect: at last, MPs focus on…

2019-04-24 19:00

@Climate Depot: The Economist jumps on the global warming hysteria bandwagon

The Economist jumps on the global warming hysteria bandwagon https://ww­w.american­thinker.co­m/blog/201­9/04/the_e­conomist_j­umps_on_th­e_global_w­arming_hys­teria_band­wagon.html The Economist comes up with a vague notion about something that might go wrong at an unspe­cifed time. — News+

2019-04-24 20:12

@Watts Up With That?: Questi­onable claim: ‘Reindeer adapt to climate change by eating seaweed’

From the NORWEGIAN UNIVE­RSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHN­OLOGY and the “blaming climate change for anything odd is now fair game” depart­ment. Stable isotope studies of reindeer poop reveals survival secret Reindeer adapt to climate change by eating seaweed The bodies of Svalbard reindeer are extremely well adapted to their arctic home at 79 degrees N…

2019-04-24 21:47

@The Next Grand Minimum: Space Weather: Cosmic Rays Near Space Age High

COSMIC RAYS ARE NEARING A SPACE AGE HIGH: Ten years ago, NASA reported a “perfect storm of cosmic rays.” During the year 2009, radiation peppering Earth from deep space reached a 50-​year high, regist­ering levels never before seen during…

2019-04-24 19:02

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: The long march to #Brexit: Local election campaign update

Things are getting very busy for me over the next week so I thought I’d write this quick update now on the local election campaign where I’m standing for democracy and indepen­dence. I may be too engaged to get around to writing more posts before May 2nd. 7500 of my campaign leaflets have been pushed […]

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