@Real Science: New York Times 1938 – 1,000 Years Required To Prove Global Warming

In 1938, the New York Times showed that the Arctic, the US, and the world were growing warmer and the Arctic was melting. But they said no self-​respe­cting meteoro­logist would claim global warming until they had 1,000 years of data …

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@Google: Govern­ment's own enviro­nment experts slam its 'unjusti­fiable' lack of action on climate change The Indepe­ndent

The Indepe­ndent Gover­nment's own enviro­nment experts slam its'unjus­tifiable' lack of action on climate change The Indepe­ndent The Gover­nment has been strongly criti­cised for its lack of action on climate change by its own indepe­ndent advisers, who warned that global warming was “happe­ning, not waiting” and it was “neither justif­iable nor wise to delay further”. While the UK ...

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@Climatism: $14,000 per MWh – the price South Australia Pays for Renew­ables Madness

Origi­nally posted on Watts Up With That? : Guest essay by Eric Worrall The South Austr­alian Gover­nment been forced to beg fossil fuel operators to bring mothb­alled plants back online, to contain wild swings in electr­icity spot price caused by unstable renewable produc­tion, prices which last month peaked at $14,000 / MWh – up from more…

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@Master Resource: Wind News Update: The Failure of RGGI, Ohio Safety First (June 29, 2017)

“RGGI propo­nents want us to believe that the program is deliv­ering on a global environ­mental promise, but the reality is the nine-​state cap and trade system is a colossal failure of resource alloc­ation that should be repealed to leave­ more efficient market forces.”

“During the Ohio d­ebate, safety repea­tedly took a backseat to economic opport­unity. However, the problem for the wind industry…

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@Google: Task force report puts 'material risks' of climate change in focus The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail Task force report puts'ma­terial risks' of climate change in focus The Globe and Mail Momentum is growing for energy companies and other corpor­ations to formally and clearly spell out the risks that climate change poses to the value of their assets and their future profita­bility, even as the Trump adminis­tration seeks to play down the ... G20 Task Force Issues Framework for…

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@Die Kalte Sonne: Gedanken zum Luthe­rjahr 2017: Was uns heute fehlt, ist Respekt vor der Wahrheit

Von Uli Weber Vor 500 Jahren hatte sich ein einzelner Mann ganz allein gegen obrigkei­tshörige Angstglä­ubigkeit und relig­iösen Ablas­swahn gestellt und alle waren hinter ihm her. Dieser Mann war nicht etwa mimose­nhaft intelle­ktuell und mit einer alterna­tivlos  moralisi­erenden Korrek­theit gesegnet, sondern harsch im verbalen Umgang und in späteren Jahren auch derben Pauschal­ierungen und…

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@Jo Nova: SA will take top prize for Most Expensive Electr­icity from Denmark on July 1

South Australia has the largest uranium deposit in the world, which it digs up to sell to other countries to make electr­icity. It also has lots of sun and wind and empty space. If any state can make solar and wind power work, surely it’s there.

And renew­ables are working for SA, working to put it in top place for Global Electr­icity Bills.

South Australia power prices to rise to highest in the…

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@Friends of Science Calgary: Blog is Moving!

Friends of Science subscr­ibers and follo­wers: Please note that within the next few days the blog will be moving to the new address b­log.frien­dsofscien­ce.org. If you are a subscr­iber, you don’t have to do anything! The migration process should bring you with us, and you’ll continue to receive email notific­ations of new posts just as before. …

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@Climate Scam (Swedish): Klimatför­säkringen vs MAGA

Nu är det snart ett år sedan Donald Trump defin­itivt tog plats på den politiska scenen och med buller och bång har han dragit fram som världspo­litikens gossen Ruda. Han rör runt och luftar i det ena träsket efter det andra, han anses oföruts­ägbar, men vid närmare efter­tanke är kompassen fixerad på det övergr­ipande vallöftet

The post Klimatför­säkringen vs MAGA appeared first on…

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@DeSmogBlog: These Companies Plan to Expand Coal Power Worldwide by 43 Percent

In Paris in 2015, more than 195 nations committed to slowing the rise of global warming to less than 3.6°F (2°C). In 2016, renewable energy saw unprece­dented growth around the wo­rld. 

Yet in 2017, more than 120 companies have plans to build new coal-​fired power plants (or expand existing ones), incre­asing coal capacity by roughly 43 percent across the globe. That’s more than 840,000…

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@Watts Up With That?: Green Schism: Guardian Contri­butor Accuses Green­peace of Misle­ading about Nuclear Power

Guest essay by Eric Worrall If Greens want to decarb­onise the economy to prevent climate change, why are they so opposed to nuclear power? A small but growing number of greens are also asking this question. Some of them accuse their fellow trave­llers of misle­ading the public. Climate change is an energy problem, so let’s…

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@Friends of Science Calgary: ALICE IN ONTARI­OLAND – The Great Ontario Electr­icity Sale

Contri­buted by Robert Lyman © 2017 Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonder­land, spell­bound his readers by writing a story in which every­thing seemed topsy-​turvy and counter to the ways people think things generally should be. Even Lewis Carroll, however, could not have imagined how the province of Ontario sells elect­rical energy to its export …

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@Google: House panel wants to know how climate change impacts the military Reuters

Reuters House panel wants to know how climate change impacts the military Reuters The amendment's language quoted Secretary of Defense James Mattis as saying,"I agree that the effects of a changing climate such as increased maritime access to the Arctic, rising sea levels, desertif­ication, among others impact our security ...

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@Climatism: Bee “colony collapse” another environ­mental hoax

Origi­nally posted on Green Jihad : Ezra Levant of TheRebe­l.media has been following an eco-​scam for a future years now: the idea that bees are dying at an alarming rate — and that somehow humans have something to do with it. Of course, David Suzuki has been fundra­ising to “fight” the calamity — except bee colony…

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@Google: Antarc­tica: Decline in biodiv­ersity expected as climate change leads to growing ice-​free areas ABC Online

ABC Online Antarc­tica: Decline in biodiv­ersity expected as climate change leads to growing ice-​free areas ABC Online Areas of Antar­ctica that are perman­ently without ice could increase by up to 25 per cent by the end of the century because of climate change. A study by Austr­alian scien­tists has found"ice-​free areas" will increase up to 17,267 square kilom­etres by ... Climate change drives…

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@The Carbon Brief: CCC: A plan to fill the UK’s climate policy gap is ‘urge­ntly’ needed

The UK gover­nment must “urge­ntly” deliver plans showing how it intends to both tackle and...

The post CCC: A plan to fill the UK’s climate policy gap is ‘urge­ntly’ needed appeared first on Carbon Brief .

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@Google: Califo­rnians pay to fight climate change – and court says they'll keep paying Sacra­mento Bee

Sacra­mento Bee Califo­rnians pay to fight climate change – and court says they'll keep paying Sacra­mento Bee Califo­rnians pay more for gasoline and other goods to finance the state's war on climate change. The state Supreme Court decided Wednesday they'll continue paying for at least three more years. The court declined to hear a lawsuit challe­nging the state ... and more »

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@Paul Homewood: What Will Happen When The Wind Forgets To Blow In Ireland?

By Paul Homewood     https://no­talotofpeo­pleknowtha­t.wordpres­s.com/2017­/06/27/nor­thern-​irelands-​onshore-​wind-​surges-​but-​they-​still-​rely-​on-​fossil-​fuels-​for-​74/   You will no doubt remember yester­day’s about Jillian Ambrose’s latest propa­ganda piece for Renewable UK in the Teleg­raph. She stated: As on the UK mainland, Northern Ireland is under pressure to attract inves­tment in new power…

2017-06-28 23:24

@DeSmogBlog: BREAKING: Southern Co. Suspends Kemper "Clean Coal" Project, Warns Investors It May Recognize Losses up to $3.4 Billion

In a major blow to propo­nents of “clean coal” techno­logy, Southern Co., parent company of Missis­sippi Power, announced in a Secur­ities and Exchange Commi­ssion filing today that it's throwing in the towel on efforts to generate electr­icity from coal and will instead use only natural gas at its flagship Kemper County, Missis­sippi power ­plant.

The project, which relied on a “gasi­fier” to…

2017-06-28 23:08

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: From Dish Soap to Geopo­lymer to Explos­ives, Oh My!

How does "green" dish washing cleaners relate to geopo­lymer chemistry and explos­ives? Well, it's all about no phosp­hates and trying to find replac­ements in silicates and percarbo­nates...

2017-06-28 22:28

@Google: House lawmakers back amendment requiring Pentagon climate change report The Hill

The Hill House lawmakers back amendment requiring Pentagon climate change report The Hill The House Armed Services Committee's annual defense policy bill will include a provision requiring a Defense Depar­tment report on the effects of climate change on military install­ations. The amendment — brought up by Rep. Jim Langevin (D-​R.I.) in the ... House panel wants to know how climate change impacts…

2017-06-28 22:14

@Google: Morning mail: plastic pollution crisis 'rivals climate change' The Guardian

The Guardian Morning mail: plastic pollution crisis'r­ivals climate change' The Guardian Climate change will cause ice-​free areas on Antar­ctica to increase by up to a quarter by 2100 if green­house gas emissions aren't reduced. Such a massive decline in ice-​free areas would threaten the diversity of the unique terres­trial plant and animal ... and more »

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@Climate Progress : House GOP members aren’t letting up on anti-​immigrant legisl­ation

2017-06-28 22:06

@Google: Arnold Schwarze­negger, Eric Garcetti Pitch Better 'Narra­tive' Around Climate Action at CAA Event Variety

Variety Arnold Schwarze­negger, Eric Garcetti Pitch Better'Nar­rative' Around Climate Action at CAA Event Variety Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and former Calif­ornia Gov. Arnold Schwarz­enegger appeared at CAA on Wednesday to talk about the path forward on climate change activism in the wake of President Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accords. and more »

2017-06-28 22:06

@Real Science: Ten Minutes Of Cuteness In Ten Seconds

2017-06-28 22:00

@Junkscience: Swamp fights back on PM2.5: New study, same junk science

The swamp-​funded “Scare Pollu­tion” criminals are trying to save their reputa­tions and funding with a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the editorial for which is titled, “Air Pollution Still Kills.” Horse hockey. So I corrected the edito­rial. My takedown of the study follows. 1. EPA has already admitted in court (with …

2017-06-28 22:00

@Climate Depot: The sun is set to ‘change form’ as NASA says solar minimum is on the way

By CHE­YENNE MACDONALD FOR DAILYMA­IL.COM PUBLISHE­D: 14:35 EDT, 28 June 2017 | ­UPDATED­: 14:35 EDT, 28 June 2017 The sun is heading into a period known as solar minimum, during which activity at the surface will ‘change form.’ In this time, certain types of activity, such as sunspots and solar flares will drop – but, it’s also expected to bring

2017-06-28 20:16

@Google: Sunnier Skies Driving Greenland Surface Melt Climate Central

Climate Central Sunnier Skies Driving Greenland Surface Melt Climate Central What's causing the decline in cloud cover isn't yet clear, but the work shows that underst­anding what's behind the trend and devel­oping ways to better represent clouds in global climate models will be crucial to predi­cting how much Greenland will melt ... Climate Change Is Not The Only Cause of Greenland Ice Melt. Blame…

2017-06-28 20:14

@robertscribbler: Arctic Sea Ice Melt Analysis: The Conce­rning Develo­pment of a Beaufort Warm Pool During Late June

During 2016-​2017, the Arctic sea ice, overall, has been hammered by far warmer than normal tempera­tures. The result has been continued record low Arctic sea ice volume and record low or near record low extent throu­ghout the present period stret­ching from October of 2016 to late June of 2017. Now, the develo­pment of a pool

2017-06-28 20:12

@Warren Meyer: One Argument for Old Age Is That I Won't Live Long Enough to See These Morons Do Their Full Measure of Damage

It it were just Evergreen College, which was always a sort of Antioch / Hampshire College nuthouse anyway, I could write it off.  But this is going on at Yale and Wesleyan and Amherst and Middl­ebury and the Claremont colleges.  The list goes on and on.  Ken White, who has been on the front lines

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