@Watts Up With That?: WUWT CampFire Relief Fund

Guest Plea by Kip Hansen There is now a Friends of WUWT CampFire Relief fund, receiving donations through the 501(c)3 not-​for-​profit chari­table organiz­ation, the Family-​to-​Family Project, Inc. There are lots of people needing help as a result of the Camp Fire. Lots of relief is headed that that. We can make sure that…

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@Climate Depot: ‘So many polar bears:’ ‘There are now so many bears that public safety has become a major concern’

https://­www.ctvn­ews.ca/c­anada/so-​many-​bears-​draft-​plan-​says-​nunavut-​polar-​bear-​numbers-​unsafe-​1.4173058 By Bob Weber, The Canadian Press Published Monday, November 12, 2018 4:11AM EST Last Updated Monday, November 12, 2018 1:06PM EST There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut and climate change hasn’t yet affected any of them, says a draft manag­ement plan from the territ­orial…

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@Watts Up With That?: Secrets about the 1.5°C world temper­ature limit

By Larry Kummer. From the Fabius Maximus website. Summary: There has been a daily drumbeat of dark climate news to accompany the IPCC’s new report, “Global Warming of 1.5 °C.” Millions of people are terrified that climate change will wreck or destroy the world. Here is some inform­ation they probably do not know, because journa­lists…

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@Watts Up With That?: What next for U.S. climate and energy policies?

2018 elections bring mixed messages and require climate and renewable energy reality check Paul Driessen The “Blue Wave” never really reached shore, the U.S. Senate is still in Repub­lican hands, the House of Represen­tatives flipped to Democ­ratic control, Trump era deregu­lation and fossil fuel produ­ction efforts continue, several governo­rships and state houses went from red…

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@Manchester Climate Monthly: #Manch­ester “Fridays for the Future” Protest #climate

Facebook event here, if you want to give your details to GCHQ directly rather than indire­ctly. From 11.30 to 1.30, Friday 16th November A peaceful and quiet gathering to protest our ‘leaders’ lack of action or urgency in the …

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@Real Science: The Empire Strikes Back

Fox News had an amazing editorial the other day, claiming that Mueller is not biased and that Rosen­stein turned the investi­gation over to Mueller in order to take it away from Peter Strojk. Ex-​FBI Agent: President Trump, don’t say ‘You’re …

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@Paul Homewood: Nunavut Draft Plan Says There Are Actually Too Many Polar Bears In Territory

By Paul Homewood h/t Joe Public From Huff Post: There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut and climate change hasn’t yet affected any of them, says a draft manag­ement plan from the territ­orial gover­nment that contra­dicts much of conven­tional scien­tific thinking. The proposed plan — which is to […]

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@Watts Up With That?: Gleick, my #$%%! 2018 Sagan Prize helping climate parody go mainstream

Reposted from: Clisce­p.com Marisa Tomei pretends to be other people for money. She even has to impers­onate a scientist on occasion, and says she’s looking forward to “excha­nging notes” with Peter Gleick. A recurring point of lament­ation here at CliScep is the dearth of good parody in the climate debate—an area that’s surely ripe for…

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@Paul Homewood: Droughts, Famines and Floods In The 1870s

By Paul Homewood I am always puzzled by those who decry the world’s slightly warmer climate since pre-​indus­trial times. They seem to think the climate was perfect then. Perhaps they should study a bit of history, such as this snippet from HH Lamb’s Climate, History and the Modern World: And it was […]

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@Jo Nova: Like Prohib­ition is to Moons­hine, Green dives­tment activists are a boon for coal investors

When wowsers banned alcohol in the US, the price of beer rose seven­fold. Nick Cater points at rising coal share prices and ponders that the Green dives­tment plan to reduce coal use works just as well as prohib­ition did. Dives­tment shrinks capital inflow to coal mines, so there are fewer new mines, and less coal avail­able. But people still want just as much coal as they ever did, so the price…

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Dems will Revive Climate Committee

Above, former chair of the House “Science” Commi­ttee, Lamar Smith, in a classic House floor speech, declares that President Trump is the “only source of unvarn­ished truth.” Smith retired, giving up his seat this year, and was replaced by a brand new climate denier in his Texas district. With the return of House control to […]

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@Watts Up With That?: Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #335

The Week That Was: 2018-​11-​10 (November 10, 2018) Brought to You by SEPP (www.SE­PP.org) The Science and Environ­mental Policy Project Quote of the Week: “The people who are supposed to be the experts and who claim to under­stand the science are precisely the people who are blind to the evide­nce…I hope that a few of…

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@Climate Depot: Gov. Brown blames climate ‘deniers’ for worsening wildfires – Scien­tific evidence refutes him: ‘Less fire today than centuries ago’ – Wildfires are NOT due to ‘climate change’…

Calif­ornia Governor Jerry Brown is blaming “climate deniers” for more Califo­rnia’s devast­ating wildfires despite the overwh­elming scien­tific evidence that wildfires are not histor­ically worse or caused by “global warming.” See: Jerry Brown: Climate-​Change Deniers ‘Defin­itely Contrib­uting’ to the ‘New Abnormal’ of Wildf­ires– Calif­ornia Gov. Jerry Brown said all climate-​change deniers are…

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@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Climate change prote­sters blockade gover­nment energy department

Does the UK public have much appetite for this manufa­ctured ‘crisis’ and its over-​excitable advoc­ates? The idea that the Earth’s climate can somehow be contr­olled with techn­ology is a damaging delusion. Demonst­rators have blockaded the UK energy depar­tment in London over what they call the climate change crisis, reports BBC News. They blocked entry to […]

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@Watts Up With That?: WUWT CampFire Relief Fund

Guest Plea by Kip Hansen There is now a Friends of WUWT CampFire Relief fund, receiving donations through the 501(c)3 not-​for-​profit chari­table organiz­ation, the Family-​to-​Family Project, Inc. There are lots of people needing help as a result of the Camp Fire. Lots of relief is headed that that. We can make sure that…

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@Real Science: How Democrats Honor Veterans Today

Democrats consider disting­uished war veteran Martha McSally to be a “right wing kook”, and are happy about Jeff Flake helping Taliban sympat­hizer Kyrsten Sinema steal the election. Robert Illes on Twitter: “No the voters of Arizona did the right thing, …

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: CNN Meteoro­logist, GOP Congre­ssman Fact Check Trump on Fires, Climate

Mediaite: On Sunday, CNN meteoro­logist Tom Sater offered a lengthy and brutal fact check of President Donald Trump‘s claim that forest mismana­gement was to blame for the deadly, destru­ctive fires in Califo­rnia. While in Paris over the weekend, with reports of devast­ation and lost lives still being reported, Trump said that there is “no reason” for the […]

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@No Frakking Consensus: Jordan Peterson: Climate Change Won’t Unite Us

Concern about global warming is dead last amongst 16 priori­ties.

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@Yale Climate Media Forum: Retired admiral: Extreme weather threatens national security

As Hurricane Florence targeted the East Coast, the Navy moved its ships away from Hampton Roads, Virginia, to keep them safe. Retired Navy Rear Admiral Ann Phillips says as an isolated incident, this did not affect national security. But as […]

The post Retired admiral: Extreme weather threatens national security appeared first on Yale Climate Connec­tions .

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@No Tricks Zone: Real-​World Spectral Measur­ements Show The ‘Green­house Theory Is Wrong’ – ALL Gases Are GHGs

Ninety-​nine percent of the Earth’s atmos­phere is made up of two gases: (78%) nitrogen (N2) and (21%) oxygen (O2). Neither is consi­dered an IR-​absorb­ing/re-​emitting green­house gas (GHG) like (0.041%) carbon dioxide (CO2) or (0.00­018%) methane (CH4). Utilizing real-​world Raman spectr­ometer observa­tional evidence, an indepe­ndent resea­rcher from Sweden has found both N2 and O2 do indeed […]

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@Climatism: SNOW : Setting The Record Straight

THE problem with lying or perpet­uating a scam is that you have to be aware of the spin you’ve spun to get you there. IN the realm of climate and weather, you pray to god (or Gaia) that the prognost­ications and rules, as laid out by the “97%” of ‘expe­rts’, come to fruition or go […]

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@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Objection to Drax gas plant on climate grounds 

It looks increa­singly like the ‘new normal’ to try and get the courts to decide what national electr­icity gener­ation policy should – or should not – be, by promoting ill-​founded paranoia that blames humans for climate variab­ility. Security of supply versus shaky ideology. Client­Earth objects to Drax Power’s new gas power project, on the grounds […]

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@Paul Homewood: Shipping To Exploit Sulphur Rules Loophole

By Paul Homewood The Mail exposes the latest climate scam: Shipping firms are preparing to invest billions of pounds into controv­ersial machines that critics say will pump our oceans with polluted water. US inves­tment bank Goldman Sachs estimates that up to 5,000 vessels will be fitted with so-​called scrubbers in the coming […]

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@Watts Up With That?: Aussie Climate Change High School Student Strike Gathering Momentum

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A growing number of Austr­alian students are demonst­rating their commi­tment to climate issues, by embracing a future career of low paid menial jobs. “We Can’t Sit Around”: Aussie Students Are Skipping School to Combat Climate Change Sarah Basford Nov 12, 2018 In the short time 14-​year-​old Jean Hinch­liffe has been…

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@Master Resource: Energy Environ­mental Newsle­tter: November 12, 2018

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of indivi­duals and organiz­ations inter­ested in improving national, state, and local energy and environ­mental policies. Our premise is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science (please consult WiseEne­rgy.org for more informa­tion).

A key element of AWED’s efforts is public educa­tion. Towards…

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@Die Kalte Sonne: Preisge­krönte Doku ‘Der Bauer und sein Klima’ jetzt kostenlos auf Youtube

Bereits mehrfach haben wir an dieser Stelle auf den Dokumen­tarfilm von 2017 “Der Bauer und sein Klima – eine unerwa­rtete Reise” (engl. Titel “The Uncert­ainty Has Settled”) hingew­iesen. Der Film von Marijn Poels wurde auf etlichen Filmfes­tivals mit Preisen ausgeze­ichnet. Nachdem der Film lange in Program­mkinos lief, steht er ab sofort kostenlos auf Youtube in deutscher

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@American Elephants: Here’s A Very Special Video for Veter­ans’s Day

Thanks to Maggie’s Farm and Bruce Kessler for finding this video. It’s memorable and very special. Adverti­sements

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@American Elephants: There’s a Lot Of Humor in Here Somewhere

James Acosta is Indig­nant, enraged! How does the President of the United States dare to remove his press pass! Why he is a certified journa­list, and is thus entitled to run the presid­ent’s press confer­ences, keep other reporters from speaking, push away a White House Intern trying to do her job. No fair. James Acosta […]

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@Real Science: Another Casualty Of Climate Change

Thanks to fears about imminent and devast­ating sea level rise, you may be able to pick up this home in Florida for less than $159 million. But act quickly – the auction only runs until November 15. Le Palais Royal …

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@Climate Scam (Swedish): Klimatsk­eptiker förnekar inte några vetensk­apliga sanningar

Gästi­nlägg #18 av Gösta Pette­rsson Många som anammat Al Gores och hans meningsf­ränders klimatala­rmistiska budskap har svårt att förstå varför inte alla gjort så. Det framgår bland annat av västerl­ändska massm­edias ensidiga uppbac­kning av klimatal­armismen och minst sagt styvmod­erliga behan­dling av klimatskep­ticismen. ”BBC freezes out climate sceptics” konsta­terade The Times för två månader…

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