@Watts Up With That?: Prote­cting monarch butter­flies’ winter home could mean moving hundreds of trees

From Nature Resear­chers are trying to shift Mexico’s oyamel firs to higher eleva­tions to help them weather warming tempera­tures. Monarch butter­flies alight on a tree in their wintering grounds in Mexico.­Credit: JHVEPhot­o/Alamy To save dwindling popula­tions of Eastern monarch butter­flies, resear­chers in Mexico are trying something controv­ersial: moving hundreds of fir trees 400 metres up…

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@Tamino's Open Mind: Hot and Cold Curry

A post by Judith Curry discusses the “Early 20th Century Warming,” i.e. the rise in global mean temper­ature during the early 20th century. True to form, Curry can’t get past the first sentence without telling the kind of whopper which …

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@Watts Up With That?: The CO2 Derang­ement Syndrome – a histo­rical overview

Guest essay by Dr. Norman Page A very large majority of establi­shment academic climate scien­tists have succumbed to a virulent infec­tious disease – the CO2 Derang­ement Syndrome. Those afflicted by this syndrome present with a spectrum of symptoms .The first is an almost total inability to recognize the most obvious Mille­nnial and 60 year emergent patterns which are trivially obvious in solar…

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@Watts Up With That?: New Paper: PETM Was Caused by Climate Change… Ancient Climate Change Caused Climate Change… AEUHHH????

PETM = Paleocene-​Eocene Thermal Maximum Guest Aeuhh­h???? by David Middleton “Ancient climate change triggered warming that lasted thousands of years”… Climate change caused climate change??? Ancient climate change triggered warming that lasted thousands of years Matthew Carroll January 21, 2019 UNIVE­RSITY PARK, Pa. — A rapid rise in temper­ature on ancient Earth triggered a climate…

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@Science Skeptical: Feinstaub­belastung und Stick­oxide definitiv nicht gefähr­lich!

In einer Stellun­gnahme von mehr als 100 Lungenfa­chärzten wächst die Kritik an den Feinstaub und NO2-​Grenzw­erten. „Stick­oxide und Feinstaub­elastung sind definitiv nicht gefähr­lich“, so der ehm. Präsident der Deutschen Gesell­schaft für Pneumo­logie (DGP).

Dem Modera­toren vom ZDF-​mima gefällt das gar nicht! Das Interview mit „Geda­nken“ des Modera­toren!



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@Climate Depot: White House spokes­woman Sarah Sanders Slams Ocasio-​Cortez’s Climate Fear Mongering

https://l­idblog.co­m/sarah-​sanders-​ocasio-​cortez/ by Jeff Dunetz | Jan 23, 2019 | Climate 7SHARES Share Tweet Press Secretary Sarah Sanders reacted to the ignorant comments made by freshman congres­swoman Alexa­ndria Ocasio-​Cortez, with a giggle and a put-​down. I don’t think we’re going to listen to [Ocasio-​Cortez] on much of anything, she told Sean Hannity. The “much of anyth­ing,” Ms. Sanders…

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@Watts Up With That?: David Attenb­orough Demands Unlimited Clean Energy at Davos

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Veteran Nature Program presenter David Attenb­orough has urged business and political leaders at Davos to provide practical solutions for unlimited clean energy, to prevent climate catast­rophe. ‘We need a plan’: Attenb­orough urges Davos leaders to act on climate change … “If people can truly under­stand what is at stake, I…

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@The Carbon Brief: Climate change’s impact on soil moisture could push land past ‘tipping point’

The impact of climate change on soil moisture could push the land past a “tippi­ng...

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@Bill Hooke: The oath.

“I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Consti­tution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and alleg­iance to the same; that I take this …

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@Climate Depot: Apple Predicts ‘Global Warming’ Will Increase iPhone Demand

https://w­ww.breitb­art.com/e­nvironmen­t/2019/01­/23/apple-​predicts-​global-​warming-​will-​increase-​iphone-​demand/ 23 Jan 2019 By Thomas D. Williams Apple expects greater demand for iPhones as a result of global warming according to a report assessing the impact of climate change on its business. “Mobile devices can serve as the backbone communi­cation network in emergency and quasi-​emergency…

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@Watts Up With That?: What drought? Calif­ornia snowpack is now above normal

Here’s some good news from the “weather not climate” depart­ment. The latest series of storms, part of an “atmos­pheric river” pattern, have increased Califo­rnia’s snowpack to anywhere from 110 to 115% above normal for this time of year. The latest data from the Depar­tment of Water Resources shows that statewide average is above normal. Source: http://cd­ec.water.­ca.gov/sn­owapp/swe­q.action…

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@Jo Nova: 1,500 private jets fly in to save world at Davos

Where is your carbon footprint when you need it?

This week the same people who advertise their virtue with climate cloaks are advert­ising their status with a Bomba­rdier 7500.

Don’t call them hypocr­ites, it’s compl­etely consis­tent. Both are preten­tious attempts to peck up the order.

More And Bigger Private Jets Landing at Davos as Leaders Discuss Climate Change

Erin Corbett, Fortune


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@No Tricks Zone: Surprise: Decline In GDP-​Adjusted Global Catast­rophe Losses Over Past 25 Years, Violent Tornadoes Trending Downward

By Die kalte Sonne (German text translate­d/edited in the English by P Gosselin) World economic output is rising and rising. This can be nicely seen in the growth of the global total gross domestic product. It is therefore not surpr­ising that losses from natural catast­rophes are also rising steadily. As there is more value that […]

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@Climate Depot: CEI Calls on NBC and Chuck Todd to Stop Denying the Debate Over Climate Change – NBC rejects ads

https://c­ei.org/co­ntent/cei-​calls-​nbc-​and-​chuck-​todd-​stop-​denying-​debate-​over-​climate-​change NBC Rejects CEI’s Attempt to Place Telev­ision Ad on last Sunday’s Meet the Press January 22, 2019 The Compet­itive Enter­prise Institute (CEI) launched a new campaign today, taking issue with NBC’s Meet the Press hour-​long special last month on climate change, which expli­citly excluded guests who…

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@Climate Depot: 1,500 private jets fly in to save world at Davos

http://joa­nnenova.co­m.au/2019/­01/1500-​private-​jets-​fly-​in-​to-​save-​world-​at-​davos/ Where is your carbon footprint when you need it? … This week the same people who advertise their virtue with climate cloaks are advert­ising their status with a Bomba­rdier 7500. Don’t call them hypocr­ites, it’s compl­etely consis­tent. Both are preten­tious attempts to peck up the order. More And Bigger Private Jets…

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@Warren Meyer: Your Once-​A-​Decade Coyot­eblog Beauty Products Recomme­ndation

Yes, I know that blogging women's hair care products is not really in my wheel­house but my wife reports that the Dyson Airwrap she gave herself for Christmas is the greatest hair dryer-​like product ever. Expensive though.

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@Paul Homewood: China Coal Output Hits Highest In 3 Years

By Paul Homewood China showing its “climate leader­ship”! From Reuters: BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s December coal output climbed 2.1 percent from the year before, gover­nment data showed, hitting the highest level in over three years as major miners ramped up produ­ction amid robust winter demand and after the country started up new mines. […]

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Where to Live in America, 2100 AD

Shut up, dammit. Adverti­sements

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@Die Kalte Sonne: Heftige Tornados sind in den USA während der letzten 70 Jahre seltener geworden

Abbil­dung: Entwic­klung starker Tornados in den USA seit 1950. Quelle: Roger Pielke Jr.

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Greta Thunberg: Truth to Power at Davos

Some people say that we are not doing enough to fight climate chang­e.But that is not true.B­ecause to ”not do enough” you have to do somethi­ng.And the truth is we are basically not doing anything. This film was shown inside the #wef today.#F­ridaysFo­rFuture #Whateve­rItTakes pic.twitt­er.com/VV­Aa9x8aGI — Greta Thunberg (@GretaT­hunberg) January 22, 2019 This young woman […]

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@Climate Depot: CNN: ‘Warmer temper­atures bring sons’ – ‘Climate change will affect the ratio of male-​to-​female newborns’ – ‘Might mean thousands of ‘extra’ boys annually’

https://w­ww.cnn.co­m/2019/01­/23/healt­h/climate-​change-​infant-​sex-​ratio-​intl/inde­x.html?no-​st=1548­253610 (CNN) Global warming will have a variety of effects on our planet, yet it may also directly impact our human biology, research suggests. Specifi­cally, climate change could alter the propo­rtion of male and female newborns, with more boys born in places where temper­atures rise and fewer boys…

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@Climate Depot: Flashback 2005: Men Warm Globe, Women Feel the Heat, Group Claims – The solut­ion?! ‘Climate gender justice’

http://f­reerepub­lic.com/­focus/f-​news/1534­943/posts Men Warm Globe, Women Feel the Heat, Group Claims CNS.com ^ | December 6, 2005 | By Marc Morano The debate over climate change evolved into a battle of the sexes Monday at the 11th annual United Nations Climate Change Confe­rence in Montreal. The spokesman for a feminist-​based environ­mental group accused men of being the

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@Watts Up With That?: Goodbye to a misguided war on coal

From The Washi­ngton Times ANALYSIS/­OPINION: The unexp­ected departure of Dr. Jim Yong Kim as president of the World Bank gives President Donald J. Trump the perfect opport­unity to reverse the anti-​fossil fuel, energy poverty agenda the bank has pursued since Dr. Kim’s appoin­tment by President Barack Obama in 2012. The World Bank is the world’s…

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@Real Science: Venus And Jupiter

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@Yale Climate Media Forum: Kids’ educat­ional TV falls short on climate change

Are children too young to talk to about climate change? Some environ­mental educators say yes. But children are hearing about it from the media, from parents and siblings, and from friends at school and elsew­here. And data suggest many are […]

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@No Frakking Consensus: Ramming the ‘Great Food Transfor­mation’ Down Our Throats

You'll eat those veget­ables or else.

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@American Elephants: The Media Misses Badly. And A Lesson in Succe­ssful Advert­ising

This has been a day of extraord­inarily bad behavior by the Left, provoked, as Joy Behar admitted, by Catholic kids wearing MAGA hats because the women on The View hate Trump and want him gone. A wee bit of Honesty. It’s hard to remember that only a couple of days ago, the contro­versy was all […]

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@Yale Climate Media Forum: Ohio hospitals embrace energy efficiency

By saving energy, hospitals in Ohio are saving money that they can put back into patient care. Rutschi­lling: “Hosp­itals are incre­dibly energy-​intensive facili­ties. Our member hospitals utilize lots of lights, HVAC controls and complex medical machinery and equipm­ent.” That’s Nolan […]

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@Jo Nova: Midweek Unthreaded

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@Paul Homewood: Record private jet flights into Davos as leaders arrive for climate talk

By Paul Homewood h/t Dave Ward I’m lost for words!! David Attenb­orough might have urged world leaders at Davos to take urgent action on climate change, but it appears no one was liste­ning. As he spoke, experts predicted up to 1,500 indiv­idual private jets will fly to and from airfields serving […]

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